A MAGI Dance - Our Mission

Under the Direction of Melanie LaJoie

A MAGI's mission is to provide the best, most comprehensive, intensive training in authentic Mid-East Belly Dance & Gypsie dance. This is not burlesque or strip-tease - we dance like goddesses & believe you can be one too!

Melanie LaJoie, A MAGI Director has painstakingly spent the last 35 years of life studying true Mid-East dance culture, specifically Egyptian, Lebanese Raqs Sharki, tribal & folkloric styles, rhythms, percussions plus furthered her studies to include dances of Indian (classical Temple & Bollywood), Gypsie dances (her heritage by maternal descent) plus studied Exercise Physiology/Dance Medicine/Sports Injury /Kinesiology (U Mass.) & is a 4 times gold medallist in traditional Chinese Kung Fu (form & weaponry: staff & broadsword).

We teach you proper positions, correct posture & alignment & execution of movements, warm up exercises/yoga stretches, isolations (working on your core, abdominals/undulations, slow sensuous hip movements, faster Egyptian hip movements/articulations/combinations & traveling steps for a full cardio workout.

We've heard from our students who say our classes are the best, with the best, attentive instructors who want you to learn, do well & feel good about yourselves while learning the REAL authentic art of this beautiful sensuous art/dance form.

Our classes are for women/girls ages 10 & up. We have private classes available for males who qualify. Call 407-423-7269 for more info!